Urinary tract infection

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It starts with a tingling sensation in the crotch. And less than twenty-four hours after the last intercourse, it continues with painful urination. With these very characteristic signs, any woman who experiences repeated urinary tract infections knows that her ordeal will start again.

Cystitis is not a sexually transmitted disease. However, some women suffer from it after each report. Not only is it very painful, it can complicate the romantic relationship. To regain the urge to crave without systematically resorting to antibiotics, it might be wise to change your approach and opt for natural food supplements that are used in prevention.

Why me ?

If women are more affected than men, it is mainly for physiological reasons: the urethra being shorter and closer to the anus, it facilitates the spread of germs and therefore the contamination of the bladder by bacteria. During sexual intercourse, the circulation of these germs is favored by friction during the back and forth then by penetration. However, not all women develop a UTI after sex. Although some microbes are implicated, the root cause is an imbalance in the microbiota.

Usually, urinary tract infection results from contamination of the urethra with an intestinal bacteria called Escherichia coli. This is a very common bacterium and is not harmful as long as the intestinal flora is balanced. In which case, Escherichia coli takes over and becomes pathogenic. It then clings to the intestinal walls and can migrate into the bladder where it multiplies and causes cystitis. When it reaches the kidneys, it is pyelonephritis. In other words, it is better to react as quickly as possible, because the higher the urinary tract infection, the more serious it is. This imbalance in the microbiota is generally combined with an imbalance in the vaginal flora (everything is linked). The causes of this disturbance? A diet low in fiber and / or an excess of antibiotic treatment.

The vicious circle of antibiotics

The first reflex, when the first tingling is felt, is to rush to your doctor to be prescribed antibiotics. Certainly, the pain will pass, but not the root cause. Why ? Because antibiotics alleviate symptoms but do not solve the root cause. Worse: they generate antibiotic resistance and destroy the intestinal and vaginal flora, thus facilitating the proliferation of the pathogenic bacteria. The urinary tract infection is likely to come back again and again.

So what to do to avoid recurrence? First, change the terrain in which the bacteria thrive. And in this regard, herbal medicine seems to be ideal. Then, take some simple steps: drink more, not refrain from going to the bathroom, urinate systematically after sex, wipe yourself from top to bottom and … avoid sugar. Why ? Because Escherichia coli multiplies best in “sweet” urine. This is his strength, but also his weakness …

If antibiotic therapy is the solution when the infection is proven, preventive measures can be part of a process to prevent recurrence. This is because the Escherichia coli bacteria are programmed to attach themselves to the first sugar molecule it encounters. Clinical studies have established the effectiveness of D-Mannose, a simple sugar cousin of glucose, which covers the walls of the urinary tract and prevents germs from adhering to the bladder. Another natural means, which in turn helps to prevent recurrence: cranberry berries. 

Finally, we should mention orthosiphon, a diuretic plant that promotes urine flow. Some food supplements combine these three shocking ingredients and are taken before or after sex. Worth a try, right?

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