The Biological Body Clock

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 The organic clock is important for the functioning of the organism. However what’s its function? The place is it positioned? Can we repair it? Dr Rey, neurologist, explains.

The organic clock performs an vital function within the functioning of the physique. In truth, it controls the key organic features resembling sleep, physique temperature, the immune system, and many others.


What’s it concretely?

The organic clock is a set of neurons that regulate numerous organic actions within the physique. That is for instance the case with hormonal secretions. Thus, cortisol is secreted within the morning and never at evening. The physique temperature drops at evening, not in the course of the day. “The organic clock makes it potential to synchronize a set of cells to do issues on the similar time for about 24 hours. Earlier than, it was regarded as resulting from environmental rhythms. It is really impartial of the atmosphere round us.” , explains Dr Marc Rey, neurologist answerable for the Marseille sleep middle.

The place is it positioned?

It’s on the stage of the hypothalamus, extra exactly of the suprachiasmatic nuclei that it’s positioned.

Can we repair it?

The organic clock is reset every single day due to the sunshine / darkish cycle. “There are a mess of adjusters, synchronizers, that maintain the physique clock on time every single day. In immediately’s society, many individuals work at evening and sleep in the course of the day, however it’s expensive for the organic clock. There may be certainly a sleep debt as a result of daytime sleep will not be the identical as nighttime sleep. It is very important get better by sleeping at evening. “

What function does it play in sleep?

When it’s darkish, the epiphysis secretes melatonin, which promotes sleep. It isn’t secreted in the course of the day. Its secretion thus informs the organism of the size of the evening. It also needs to be famous that it’s disturbed when pc screens, phone screens, and many others., are seen up shut. They emit blue mild, which is paying homage to the blue of the sky and blocks the secretion of melatonin.

Is there a distinction between men and women?

Not like males, “girls have their organic rhythm which depends on hormones. And hormonal rhythms modify the sleep / wake rhythm, which makes girls’s sleep extra fragile, says the neurologist. As well as, the organic rhythm is modified throughout being pregnant. Pregnant girls secrete a number of progesterone, a sleep-inducing hormone. “

“When sleep awakens us” by Dr Marc Rey revealed by Photo voltaic.

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