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Synthetic vitamin – or medical vitamin – is indicated within the therapy of undernutrition, when pure vitamin, by oral route, turns into inadequate or not possible. There are three forms of vitamin: enteral vitamin, parenteral vitamin, or oral vitamin.

Illnesses (most cancers, respiratory and coronary heart failure, despair …), getting old … are all conditions that may weaken the dietary state and might result in undernutrition.

In Europe, between 5 and 10% of the inhabitants undergo from undernutrition.


The results are muscle losing:

in youngsters, it causes a downturn within the development curve.

for the aged, it weakens them by rising the danger of falls, decreasing their mobility, and rising the danger of infection.

The prognosis, however much more the prevention of undernutrition is subsequently important. The measurement of weight, the calculation of the physique mass index (BMI = ratio of the burden to the sq. of the peak) should be carried out, no less than yearly, for the chronically in poor health and the aged to stop from undernutrition. If a prognosis of malnutrition is made, will probably be vital to determine the mechanisms concerned with the intention to institute applicable dietary care, primarily based on enriched oral vitamin when “regular” vitamin is feasible, on the medical vitamin – enteral and/or parenteral – when it isn’t.

Oral vitamin

When attainable, oral vitamins ought to at all times be most popular over different options. Oral dietary supplementation (ONC) is indicated if spontaneous meals consumption is lowered however stays higher than half of standard consumption. This oral dietary complement relies on dietary recommendations, meals consumption aids, a fortified eating regimen, and oral dietary supplements that take into consideration your consuming habits.


You will have a small urge for food or you’ve undergone interventions on the digestive system: cut up your meals (3 principal meals and a pair of snacks).

Favor textures that can be straightforward to swallow, similar to minced meat, mashed potatoes, vegetable mash, compotes if in case you have a problem chewing or swallowing.

You can even enrich your dishes to extend the protein consumption without rising the quantity. For this, you’ll be able to add fundamental merchandise similar to milk powder, entire condensed milk, grated cheese, eggs, crème fraîche, béchamel, oil or industrial protein powder, protein-enriched pasta or semolina …

Oral dietary supplements are full nutrient blends, excessive in vitality and/or excessive in protein, with various tastes and textures. You possibly can eat them throughout snacks or throughout meals, along with these. They make it attainable to realize a further simply consumable caloric or protein consumption. They require a medical prescription.

Your dietary standing is reassessed within the kind of long run, relying in your preliminary dietary standing, with the intention to estimate the effectiveness of the therapy. Within the occasion of average undernutrition, the reassessment takes place 15 days after the beginning of therapy; within the occasion of extreme malnutrition, it takes place at the finish of the primary week of therapy.

Compliance with therapy, weight acquisition, and estimation of spontaneous meals consumption represent the efficacy standards for enriched oral vitamin and decide its continuation. In case your dietary standing deteriorates or your meals consumption stays inadequate, this alerts its failure and results in the implementation of one other technique. Enteral vitamins can then be thought-about.

Enteral vitamin

Enteral feeding can comply with a therapy with enriched oral vitamin which might not have made it attainable to achieve the target set with the physician, or be thought-about from the outset when the malnutrition is extreme and the oral feeding inadequate, ineffective (intestinal malabsorption), or not possible (swallowing issues, dysphagia).

This synthetic vitamin method includes delivering a nutrient answer into the digestive tract by means of a probe. This answer, contained in a nutrient bag or a ready-to-use bottle, gives your physique the vitamins it wants and maintains the capabilities of the digestive tract and related organs (liver, pancreas, gallbladder).

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